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Useful tools

Many goals in life need money and a plan. Below are some of the tools and tips to help you take the first step to planning and managing your finances.

The Chin Family

Online calculators and mobile apps

Assess your financial health and get a free analysis report and an action plan for improving it.
Develop your budget and take control of your spending and savings.
Work out where you can make savings and cut back non-essential expenses.
Check out how to reach your savings goals and how long it will take to get there.
Provide an overview of all your personal debts and tips to help you manage your debts.
Weigh up your assets and debts and check out how good you are at managing your wealth.
Work out your retirement budget and get action plans.
A mobile app to help you plan budget and track your expenses and income anytime, anywhere.

Budgeting worksheets

It helps you plan and manage your wedding expenses.
It helps you plan and manage expenses for raising a new-born child in the first year.
For primary schools students.

Hong Kong Strategy for Financial Literacy

Money Learning Directory

The Money Learning Directory features various financial education initiatives in Hong Kong with information contributed by the providers. It aims to provide a one-stop access to a diverse range of money management events, programmes and resources to facilitate and promote the making of informed financial decisions.